This is how you setup FollowMe-Printing on your macOS device:


Download the printer driver for macOS and install it.


Download the QPilot software for macOS.
Open the disk image with a double click and copy the included program Q Pilot Client into your Applications folder.
Start it with a double click and enter the password of your macOS device when asked to.


The setup is now completed.
Two new printers were added to your system, QPilot Color (for color prints) and QPilot SW (für black-and-white prints).


In order to us the printer start the just installed Q Pilot Client.
As soon as it runs in the background you can send a print job from any application.


After applying all the desired settings (like A4 as page size, 2-sided printing..) click on Print.
A new window asking for your credentials will appear. Enter your Uni Bayreuth username (without additions) and the corresponding password. Click Login.


Optional: You can login at and click on Printjobs to check if your print job was added correctly.


Go to one of the print stations (an overview can be found here under Print and scanstations) and insert your Campus Card into the terminal.
Now you can print your document(s).
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