This is how you can download your personal certificate:


Open the URL
Under Find Your Institution search for Bayreuth and click on University of Bayreuth.


You will be redirected to the login page of the Uni Bayreuth. Please enter your Uni Bayreuth username and password.
After that, click Login.


Click Informationen übertragen on the now appearing page.


To request your personal certificate, fill out the form as shown in the screenshot:

Certificate Profile: GÉANT Personal email signing and encryption
Term: 730 days
Enrollment Method: Key Generation
Key Type: RSA-4096
Passwort: choose a secure passwort that will be used to encrypt your certificate – it is independent from your Uni Bayreuth user account password
Choose key protection algorithm: Compatible TripeDES-SHA1


Click the checkbox next to I have read and agree to the terms of the EULA below the form and accept the EULA by clicking Agree in the dialog that will appear.

Next, click Submit.


Generating the certificate can take several minutes. Please do not close your browser (-tab) or use your pc in any other way until it is finished!

The download will start automatically.


Done! The certificate file certs.p12 was downloaded to your computer and can now be used.
Please keep it in a safe place, separate from the password!
Problems with these instructions? Let us help you! Contact us fast and easy through our contact form!

Did everything work out alright? Tell us what you think!

Last update: 23.05.2024 12:29


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