Attention: We have replaced eduroam Server Certificates on September 27th 2023 - all information here!

We have "opened" our proxy servers due to the Covid-19 pandemic for easier access. You don't need a VPN connection, just enable the proxy:


If you haven't already installed Mozilla Firefox, download it for your operating system and install it.


Start Mozilla Firefox and open the page
Install the UniBT-Proxy AddOn.


After the installation there should be a new Uni Bayreuth icon in the upper right corner of Firefox.


Now enable the UniBT Proxy AddOn by left-clicking on it.
Black = AddOn disabled
Green = AddOn enabled


After opening the first external website you will be asked for username and password. Enter your uni username (without additions) and the corresponding password.


That's it! Please remember to always disable the UniBT Proxy AddOn when you no longer need it. Otherwise all your internet traffic will contnue to go through the Uni Bayreuth!
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Last update: 22.03.2024 09:37


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Opening hours: (whole year, except during the christmas closure)
Mo-Fr 08:30 - 11:00
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Phone (ITS-Anlaufstelle): 0921 55 3003